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Get 10% discount on first order

Get 10% discount on first order

Get 10% discount on first order

Custom Boxes
& Packaging

Let's make incredible packaging together! Get a custom box according to your specifications, make your product stand out and let the packaging speak for you.

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Custom Packaging Box Styles

CBD Boxes

Custom CBD boxes are made for products like oils, lotions, vapes, e-cigarettes, etc. CBD boxes are lightweight and are made of the best material. CBD boxes can be customised in numerous styles and shapes with radiant printing done over them. CBD boxes are available in gift packaging as well as luxury packaging. In addition, we can design custom CBD boxes to increase your product sales and keep your cannabidiol products safe and secure. 

Cosmetic Boxes

Are you wondering how to keep your makeup item safe and preserved for a longer time? Don't worry. Cosmetic boxes by Pack Hero are to ease your burden. These best-quality boxes created using sturdy and robust materials will keep your makeup items brand new. Also, the attractive box appearance will look appealing if you want to enhance audience response. These boxes are spacious and come in various styles to accommodate your products. You can contact our team for a custom quote and further guidance. Together we can make your brand huge.

Gift Boxes

Are you looking for boxes for your presents to make them look special before your loved ones? Pack Hero is here for you. We have the best quality gift boxes that are custom-made for you guys into anything you desire. These premium quality boxes effectively provide care to your gifts, and they will watch out for the presents until the gift box is opened. Therefore, these boxes are rigid and solid structured, and you are all set to present your beautiful gifts. For a custom quote and further assistance, contact our team.

Retail Boxes

Are you looking for the best retail boxes to accommodate your products? Well, Pack Hero has it all. Retail boxes, being very cost-friendly, are custom-made for you guys. These protective boxes are available, and you can have them styled up in any form and for nearly every product. Furthermore, these boxes are assembled using high-class quality materials sturdy, robust, and eco-friendly, which means you are adding no harm. In addition, if you want to get these excellent quality boxes, contact our team and request the styles you are looking for.

How We Work

You will tell us what type of material, quantity, size, shape, and design you want, and we will make boxes just how you imagined them. Work together and make something innovative that will attract your customers

Design & Style Inspirations

You can choose whatever style fits your business requirements. You will find everything from custom retail packaging boxes or custom packaging boxes in bulk for your business. A lot will inspire you to make your design and style

Display Packaging

Display Packaging

Display your products in a presentable and organized way to market them by using cardboard display boxes
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CBD Packaging

CBD Packaging

Are you looking for the ideal packaging to enclose your sensitive cannabis-derived products? Well, Pack Hero is your savior then.
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Food & Beverage Packaging

Food & Beverage Packaging

Are you looking for some custom boxes for your bakery? Are you a startup business tending to spread sweetness among people and want recognition? You are on the right website. Get your hands on the most exciting and welcoming custom bakery boxes from Pack Hero. you can get your boxes customised in any way you want. Get your bakery’s logo printed on it for worldwide recognition. You can always seek help from our design team if you find difficulties in designing your bakery packaging boxes. Fill the form below and get your quote.
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Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

Are you hoping to get environmentally safe boxes for your products? Don’t worry. We have sorted you all. At Pack Hero, we offer a great collection of boxes that are not only safe to use, but their sturdy nature will keep your items preserved. So, you are all set to get your hands on Eco-friendly Boxes, Kraft Boxes, and Bux Board Boxes.
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Gift Packaging

Gift Packaging

What if you could make birthday gifts look more surprising? Cool, no? Pack Hero brings an exciting range of custom birthday gift boxes.
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Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging

Were you looking for outstanding rigid boxes to contain expensive articles? You are all sorted at Pack Hero. We offer the best range of boxes made with top-class rigid material.
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Customization of Product Boxes

Customizations for your custom boxes could be of any nature. You can ask for your preferred material or any shape you have in mind other than the generalized shape. We could add embellishments to pop up your luxury printed custom boxes or gift custom boxes Canada. Packhero offers add ons to make your custom boxes look more intriguing. You can choose your own colour palette. We have a design team that will guide you through the process. You can talk to us and discuss the idea of how you want your custom boxes to be.

Luxury Gift Box Mockup

Benefits of Using a Custom Product Packaging

Custom Product Boxes also hold importance when it comes to promotion and recognition. An item is identified by the packaging it has. Hence it is essential to make packaging that would be easily recognizable. Also, creating an appearance that attracts people greatly helps increase sales. The packaging does play its part in making the business a successful one. We could be your next best partner. So why not work together?

Our custom boxes are incredibly durable and safe to hold your delicate and subtle products. The boxes provide a safe covering for highly fragile items. Pack Hero knows things get damaged while they are being shipped. The boxes safeguard them while your things move from place to place.

Free Services

Doorstep delivery is free and secure. We do not charge for die cutting as well. The design support available for our customers is also free. You do not have to worry about any hidden charges.


Our customers are open to asking for samples before receiving the order in bulk to see better what the product will look like.

Product Boxes Wholesale

We provide custom wholesale boxes offers. It is much easier and cheaper if you want product boxes in bulk. We offer good discounts on wholesale boxes. It will not cause any burden on your finances. Product Boxes in wholesale are always a good idea for businesses.

Material Preferences at Pack Hero

We prefer eco-friendly materials like cardboard, rigid material, bux board, kraft paper, and corrugated material. We make solid, firm, structured boxes that provide a proper covering for your products. To make things clear for you. Let us explain the most common materials and the difference between them.

Rigid Boxes

These boxes provide rigid and sturdy packaging of very high thickness. Imagine the rigid boxes used for jewelry pieces, yes that the kind of packaging it is.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated packaging is relatively less thick and lightweight. Layers of paper are joined to give it relatively more thickness.

Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are more lightweight option for packaging purposes. This kind of packaging is mainly used for products like soaps etc.
Yet, many other options are available, some of the most common ones. Please contact for further information.

Enhance Your Market Value by Using Custom Packaging Boxes

Choose our custom packaging boxes for your products. You will see the wonders yourself. Your products will get recognition in no time—an excellent initiative for your new business to reach the sky. To make your packaging look exceptional, We recommend that our clients get their brand name and logo printed on the boxes. So your products will be recognized from afar while they sit on shelves.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for sustainable, attractive, and affordable product packaging, then you are at the right place. We have premium quality packaging for our clients. In addition, We offer our custom packaging boxes at the most competitive rates with attractive and pleasing designs. We provide free delivery and free design support. Also, there are no hidden charges. So, if you are thinking of making us your business partners, you are doing a favor to yourself.


We use different laminating techniques, including gloss, matte lamination, and spot UV. They will surely make your product look unique and extraordinary.

Yes, they are. We ensure our clients that their products will remain undamaged. We test them before launching them to ensure they survive the extreme conditions.

Yes, you will have to pay for the sample. The price of the sample fluctuates depending upon the customizations.

Yes, we can print it inside the box for you. We will print whatever design you will ask us for.

If you provide us with the design, we will print it.

First, you need to tell us all your requirements. Only then will we be able to give you a quote.

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