Get 10% discount on first order

Get 10% discount on first order

Get 10% discount on first order

Get 10% discount on first order

Delivery Information

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Delivery Information

When Pack Hero dispatches the order provided to us by our customers, we are neither abiding by any instructions provided to us by the relevant post office nor do we follow any rules and regulations supplied to us by any independent postal service office. Therefore, we do not have the policy of helping anyone with postal routes or selecting the shipping routes or procedures. However, despite all previously mentioned policies, we try our best to facilitate our customers by giving them choices to help them, which will be of most convenience to them.

Advertisement and promotion

We acknowledge the effects of solid advertisement and promotion campaigns on our customers, so we sometimes such promotional material to our clients and customers. So our clients and customers may occasionally receive such promotional material through email or instant messaging, including some coupon codes. This helps our clients and customers become aware of discounts, new deals or services, and some guidelines, terms, and conditions to be able to claim those discounts. Therefore, it is always beneficial to understand those guidelines, terms, and needs and then apply those codes for activation. This helps clients and customers to understand better the products and services offered. Reading the guidelines, terms and condition also help you to understand that some discounts or promotions can only apply to some customers and clients. Then, using coupons to claim discounts is very easy.

You just have to apply the code on the coupon and write it down into the space provided in the details about an order for getting information about the coupon with its number. However, if a specific coupon is for a particular discount, it cannot be used for any other discount. It means that the vouchers can only be used independently, and you cannot use any other discount code while placing an order with us. So the clients and customers need to be very cautious while choosing discounts. The discounts or promotional codes that we provide are only for the products which solely deal with our website. The values and codes do not apply to the products being offered on third-party websites. So if third-party website links are available on our website, then coupon codes will not have any effect and result. In short, all the codes are strictly for our website. In addition, the coupon can only be used against the price of the products. Coupons cannot be applied against delivery charges or anything else.

Moreover, these codes cannot be applied against any tax liability you may have while buying the products on our website. There are some items against which discounts cannot be claimed. We decide as per our policy that which items or products are not adjustable against deals or coupons. The most important thing to know is that all of our promotional content or discounts we offer are for a specific time and can only be claimed within the period specified in the guidelines or terms and conditions. It is also equally important to know that we have no liability or responsibility in this case. Therefore, our clients and customers need to be careful and conscious about when to use the coupon code and make sure that the coupon or code is still functional and usable before using any code or coupon.

Another essential thing to understand is that the coupons are not transferable means they cannot be sold or transferred. These coupons cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, and in the case we remove the offer or coupon before the expiry, we bear no liability or responsibility. If you have used the coupon and the order is not complete for any reason, the amount that will be refunded to you will be the amount that you have paid already. No coupon amount will be refunded to you in any case, and if the deadline to use the coupon ends, the coupon or the code may remain non-functional.


We receive payment through several modes, i.e., MasterCard, VISA card, and Paypal. If we identify can fraudulent activity, then we reserve the right to reject the payments. We recommend that you make payment from genuine and authentic credit cards which are currently within your use and are not expired. Also, the information and detail provided by you about your credit card must be genuine and complete. You must provide all the relevant information on your card to verify that you are using your credit card. Rest assures we make sure that your personal information and credit card details are not disclosed to any third party. All the order charges must be paid at the time of making the order. In case of payment by any other means, as per our policy, clients and customers must ensure that they clear all the prices within five days. In the case of failure to comply, we will automatically debit the payment from the account you initially provided to us.

Cancellation of order

In the case of orders related to printing, the charges can only be canceled before the start of the printing process. Our clients and customers can quickly check the status of an order by clicking on the icon that shows the quality of the order and its cancellation eligibility once the printing process has not yet started. As per our policy, if clients or customers cannot provide us the complete detail within one month of 30 days, we have no other option but to cancel the orders. The amount paid will be returned within ten working days of the cancellation of the order.

Privacy and safety

All the personal information shared with us will be kept confidential and shared with any third party unless required by law.
Intellectual property: All the information and material on our website are the property of Pack Hero.

Governing law

We are compliant with all the laws of the state of Delaware and shall be applied to all our stakeholders irrespective of their location.